Learn How To Make Samosas
Chetna Makan

Master Samosas

Chetna’s workshop teaches you everything you need to know to make the ultimate Indian samosa. Samosas are so flexible and can be eaten at any time of day. In this workshop you’ll learn how to make the classic Indian pastry and create papdi crackers. Then you will learn how to use this pastry to make a traditional samosa as well as how to make paneer and incorporate that into the recipe. Your challenge will be to tackle a sweet samosa.

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Workshop details

Mentor Chetna Makan
Category Cooking
Skills Samosas
Website chetnamakan.co.uk
Modules 3

Module 1


In the first module, Chetna teaches you how to make the traditional Indian pastry you’ll use to make your samosas. Grasping the making of this dough is the first step into the world of Indian street food. You’ll be rolling, frying and eating these delicious, moreish papdi in no time at all.

Module 2

Traditional Samosa

Next, you’ll not only be making the traditional Indian pastry again but also the classic samosa filling. You’ll learn about and use spices, potatoes and onions to create this scrumptious filling. Then you’ll be introduced to the art of folding the instantly recognisable samosa into that perfect parcel and frying them to perfection.

Module 3


In the final module, you’ll create a new filling, this time using paneer you have made from scratch. Chetna will teach you how to make the paneer and combine it with other ingredients to make another gorgeous filling. In this module, you’ll refine your folding and frying techniques.


Sweet Samosa Challenge

Lastly, Chetna challenges you to use your new skills to experiment with a sweet samosa. You’ll be given a few flavour and ingredient ideas, then it is over to you to get creating!

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