About Us

At Workshop, we’re devoted to creating the best possible ways of empowering people to learn. Our mission is to give you the tools to unlock your potential and learn the skills you’ve always wanted. We do that by creating learning experiences which are fun, affordable and truly effective.

Our core belief is that, by encouraging each other to learn and embrace the unknown, we’ll discover that we’re all capable of doing greater things than we ever thought possible.

Workshop was born out of our desire and drive to reinvent the way that people learn in today’s digital world. Technology has given us new tools and platforms to fundamentally change the way in which we learn. We can now access information and content whenever we want, from wherever we want, and digest it at our own pace. Yet when it comes to education, there is a clear lack of technological innovation. In fact, technology is often used to the detriment of the learning experience itself.

Still, children and adults alike are expected to sit through lectures or lessons in order to learn. This style of learning can be described as being passive as you sit back and try to digest what you’re being told. But the days of passive learning are limited, all thanks to technology. No longer do we need a teacher to be physically present to teach a class, nor do they even need to be teaching in real-time. Yet the majority of new learning solutions available don’t meet the needs and demands of today’s frustrated learners. Often, all they do is move the problem with learning, from the classroom to a screen.

At Workshop, we personally related to the pains of the classroom, having spent the majority of our lives in the traditional, old-fashioned education system. All of us here would find ourselves self-learning online to support the theory being ‘delivered’ in the classroom.

We’ve designed and built Workshop to be both more accessible and more effective than the classroom and other online course providers. It all starts with our learn by doing philosophy which is fundamental to our entire approach. We know that nothing beats hands-on learning, and knowledge acquired through experience is more likely to be retained.

As we grow, we’ll embrace the newest technologies to empower more people to learn effectively and we’ll strive to bring our proven action-first methodologies to the places that need it most.

Josh Taylor

Co-founder & CEO

Driven by an ambition to make a positive impact on the world and with clarity on where Workshop is headed, Josh is set on innovating beyond conventions to create better and better ways for people to learn.

Dan Williams

Co-founder & CTO

With determination to always do what’s right and a focus on allowing Workshop to fulfil its potential, Dan uses rigourous logic and reasoning to drive the development of Workshop’s future-proof tech framework.

Karl Taylor

Software Developer

Striving to build a flawless platform using cutting-edge technologies, Karl is always on the lookout for the most efficient, effective solutions to every problem a learner could face on Workshop.