We want to create better ways of learning.


Workshop’s aim is to uncover the best methods for teaching and learning new skills using technology.

Education is a process of passing knowledge from one person to another.

Technology has already given many of us unlimited access to knowledge from around the world, but are we any better at absorbing that knowledge?

Greater access to knowledge isn’t the same as better education. Education is about breaking down knowledge and teaching it in a way that’s captivating, exciting and inspiring. We learn best when we’re fully engaged with the subject matter and are driven to take action.

While there are many ways to access information and become self-taught through videos and online courses, the full potential of delivering effective education using technology seems unrealised. Our mission at Workshop is to uncover the best methods for allowing teachers to pass on their knowledge using technology.

Whether for personal fulfilment or career progression, good education lets us expand our knowledge, develop our skills and unlock our creativity. We want everyone who uses Workshop to enjoy learning new skills from their own home, and ultimately have the freedom to do more of what they love.

We collaborate with experienced teachers to develop the best way for them to teach online, so that you can learn effectively with flexibility.

We’re focused on creating the best possible learning experiences, which is why we listen closely to your feedback so that we can always improve what we do.

As a participant in the EDUCATE project led by the UCL Institute of Education, we’re committed to using research-backed methodologies in our approach to improving the way you learn with technology.

We understand that improving the way we learn with technology is an ongoing process, which is why we’re always making our platform better with innovative and experimental new features.