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How to make macarons

Macarons are the envy of the baking world. Follow our expert mentor Edd Kimber step by step and learn how to make these rounded pastries with a perfectly crisp shell and soft interior.
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How to host dinner parties

SORTEDfood are number one when it comes to socialising around food. Their workshop ensures you’ll be entertaining effortlessly, spending more time with your guests and less time in the kitchen.
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How to make sushi

Get involved with the sushi obsession and make your own at home. Learn how to create your own impressive sushi rolls from Japanese chef Yuki Gomi.
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How to make pastry

Learn how to make delicious pastries with world renowned Master Pâtissier, Eric Lanlard. From the art of shortcrust to the intricacies of puff you’ll master all the skills you need in Eric’s workshop.
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How to make bread

Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked bread. In this workshop James Currie, development chef at SORTEDfood, teaches you all the skills needed to make everything from flatbread to brioche in your own kitchen.
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Learn to cook now on iOS

New cooking workshops released every week. Now available on the iOS app store.

What’s Workshop?

Workshop is a platform dedicated to making the way we learn new skills more accessible, affordable and (most importantly) more effective. Starting in the world of cooking, we’re producing a bunch of ultra high quality, step-by-step workshops in collaboration with masterful mentors to give you the best way of learning a small but growing selection of impressive new skills. By building Workshop and its content from the ground up with a focus on the experience-led ‘learn by doing’ ethos, we’re creating a way of learning that’s fast, fun and incredibly effective.

Learn by doing.

Get hands-on as an expert guides you step-by-step to mastery.

Focus on growth.

Learn fast by starting with the techniques that make the biggest impact on your growth.

Take control.

Progress at your own pace and keep track on how far you’ve come.

Challenge yourself.

Get creative and put your skills to the test, then share and get feedback on your efforts.

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