Learn How To Make Bread
James Currie, SORTEDfood

Learn the Basics of Bread

Learn to bake bread with SORTEDfood development chef James Currie. In this bread baking workshop, you’ll start with a simple and quick flatbread – not even an oven or yeast required! Then you’ll enter the world of delicious freshly baked loaves. You’ll start with James teaching you how to make a basic white loaf, then you’ll start experimenting with flavours to create wholemeal bread. Once these skills are mastered you’ll learn the art of sticky focaccia and sweet brioche. With these new skills and experiences under your belt, you’ll be ready to get creative and experiment with new flavours and textures.

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Workshop details

Mentor James Currie
Category Cooking
Skills Bread
Website sortedfood.com
Modules 5

Module 1


In the first module you will get straight into making bread, getting your first bread made in under an hour! You’ll learn a basic dough recipe for flatbread that needs no proving and doesn’t even use an oven!

Module 2

Basic Loaf

Now that you’ve made a basic bread dough, the next step is adding yeast to bring it to life. That means that it takes some time to prove, but you’ll end up with a light, airy loaf.

Module 3

Adding Flavour

Reinforce your skills from module two and change one ingredient to bake a wholemeal loaf of bread. You’ll learn how to substitute in a different flour now that you know what the perfect bread dough should feel like.

Module 4


Now that you’re getting used to working with bread dough it is time to add some extra liquid. The dough will be harder to work with, but focaccia is the perfect loaf to start experimenting with and you’ll end up with a fluffy, super light bread.

Module 5


The last basic bread covered is brioche. This recipe uses a bread dough enriched with butter. The fat makes it slightly harder to work with, but now that you know what you’re looking for you’ll be kneading it to a smooth, soft bread dough which will bake into a rich, tasty loaf.


Mix Up the Flavours

Once you master five basic loaves of bread, James challenges you to recreate one of them, but this time mix up the flavours. He gives you some suggestions, but you can try any flavours you want! Post your creations to #workshopchallenge

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