Learn How To Host Dinner Parties
Ben Ebbrell, SORTEDfood

Learn How to Entertain Effortlessly

Let SORTEDfood’s Ben Ebbrell guide you through the secrets to effortless hosting. In this workshop you will start by learning simple, yet impressive tricks to create stunning cocktails to impress your guests. Next, you’ll learn how to cook a range of recipes perfect for groups while mastering the skills of portioning, labelling, reheating, catering for a range of dietary requirements and the essential art of preparation, preparation, preparation!

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Workshop details

Mentor Ben Ebbrell
Category Cooking
Skills Hosting
Website sortedfood.com
Modules 4

Module 1

Pre-dinner Cocktails

Module one is all about preparing ahead. You’ll use a few simple garnishes and ingredients to create impressive cocktails to distract your friends when they come over, leaving you to get cooking!

Module 2

Batch Cooking

In this module, you tackle the first themed meal – North African Style Lamb Tagine with dukka roasted sweet potato rounds and a herby couscous salad. Throughout the cooking and storing process, you’ll understand the value of portioning, importance of labelling, how to reheat and why this style of dish is so perfect for it.

Module 3

Personalising Dishes

Next up, how to personalise meals for guests, you don’t even know you have yet! The second module will show you how to design dishes that can accommodate for potential dietary requirements, spice tolerances and can be thrown together without notice.

Module 4

Ultimate Food Preparation

Finally, in module 4, learn another delicious meal that you can serve up less than 5 minutes after walking into the kitchen to ‘cook’. Made possible by understanding how far you can take food prep before it spoils. Choosing processes, like marinades and dressings, that benefit and don’t hinder with time.     


Theme a Meal

Having tackled Moroccan, Indian and Vietnamese inspired dishes, at the end of the workshop Ben challenges you to conjure up your own themed meal using the tips, tricks and hacks you’ve learnt. A drink and meal that you can impress with, but one that you can do 90% of the work up front, long before your guests arrive. Post your creations to #workshopchallenge

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