Learn How To Decorate Cakes
Benjamina Ebuehi 

Master the Art of Cake Decorating

Benjamina’s passion for cake decorating is contagious. Join her to create jaw-droppingly beautiful decorated cakes. Starting with the fundamentals Benjamina will teach you how to create and use American buttercream and Swiss buttercream. You’ll also learn the art of crumb coating, creating a drip cake and how to use fresh and edible flowers to create the wow-factor.

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Workshop details

Mentor Benjamina Ebuehi
Category Cooking
Skills Cake Decorating
Website carrotandcrumb.com
Modules 4

Module 1

American Buttercream

Firstly, you’ll learn how to make Benjamina’s fail-safe recipe for American vanilla and rose buttercream. You’ll use the delicious mix to pipe enviable cupcakes. Let Benjamina share her skills to perfect piping, every time!

Module 2

Crumb Coat

Next, you’ll learn how to create a semi-naked cake and a full crumb-coat a cake using the American buttercream skill you have already mastered. But before that, you’ll learn the intricate skill of levelling your cakes to create a perfectly flat surface for decorating.

Module 3

Swiss Buttercream

Next up, module three is all about Swiss buttercream and how to add flavour. Again, firstly levelling your cakes you’ll go on to fill and decorate your cake with a rich salted caramel swiss buttercream.

Module 4

Drip Cake

Lastly, Benjamina teaches you the skill of making a delicious ganache, perfect to decorate your drip cake. Benjamina shares her skill, tips and advice on how to create the perfect drips to create a stunning showstopper cake.


Fresh and Edible Flowers

By the challenge, you will have mastered a whole range of new skills. To elevate your cakes to the next stage you’ll be challenged to add fresh and edible flowers.

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