8 Beef Bourguignon Recipes to Warm You Up Through Cold Autumn Evenings

Originating from the Burgundy region of France, beef bourguignon is a must-master recipe for chefs.

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Originating from the Burgundy region of France, beef bourguignon is a must-master recipe for chefs. The richly flavoursome stew is the perfect warming recipe. As we move into the autumn months, it’s worth learning. Let’s take a look at how you can make your own warming dinner now. Here are eight of our favourite beef bourguignon recipes. 

1. Slow Cooker Beef Bourguignon Recipe by Unbound Wellness 

Encapsulating wholesome, French cooking, here’s a slow cooker beef bourguignon recipe. The Unbound Wellness guide offers a masterclass in culinary skills. Taking inspiration from the famous Julia Child recipe, this one boasts hearty beef, vegetables, and rich red wine. The use of a slow cooker (or instant pot) means that the dish’s flavours infuse effortlessly. 

As a bonus, this beef bourguignon recipe is tailored to a broad variety of dietary requirements. The standard ingredients are both Paleo-friendly and gluten-free. However, you can also adapt the recipe to make it align with either the AIP or Whole30 rules. 

2. Beef Bourguignon Recipe by Jo Cooks 

beef bourguignon recipes

Recipe by Jo Cooks

Next up, Jo Cooks offers a simple, one-pot take on the classic French beef bourguignon recipe. This one includes flavourful ingredients such as carrots, red wine, mushrooms, garlic, and, of course, onions. The recipe simply bursts with lush and appetising flavours. 

beef bourguignon recipes

Recipe by Jo Cooks

As a part of the guide, the fine meat is cooked for over two hours; a method that offers a tender and delicious result. Frankly, the ‘melt in your mouth’ effect is undeniable from the very first bite. The rich, enticing stew itself is at once satisfying and wholesome — ideal for a warming autumnal meal. 

3. Red Wine Beef Bourguignon Recipe by Sommeliers Choice Awards

If you’re searching for the perfect dish to be paired with cabernet sauvignon, this next recipe ticks all the right boxes. The Sommeliers Choice Awards blog introduces a beef bourguignon recipe that epitomises the comforting joy of this traditional dish. Moreover, it offers a slightly modern take on its classic style. 

Along with the standard step-by-step recipe, the post also includes in-depth culinary advice and expert preparation tips. Intriguingly, the first step in this recipe is to soak the cut of meat in rich red wine for 24 hours. The result is succulent and deliciously cooked beef. 

4. Beef Bourguignon Recipe by Foodie Crush

beef bourguignon recipes

Recipe by Foodie Crush

Infusing garlic, thyme, and the aromatic taste from autumnal vegetables, the beef bourguignon recipe from Foodie Crush packs a real punch. As the author notes, these strong flavours almost steal the show when it comes to this dish. However, as you might imagine, the tenderised and juicy meat take centre-stage in this wholesome stew.

The author of the post plays homage to both Julia Child and Ina Garten here. The highly traditional recipe that takes a mere 20 minutes to prep and then an hour and a half to cook. As an expert hint, they suggest cooking the beef bourguignon and then allowing the flavours to solidify over a couple of days before reheating to serve.

5. Beef Bourguignon Video by The Cookie Rookie 

The classic recipe is kept in-tact in this next guide. The Cookie Rookie beef bourguignon video takes you through a step-by-step recipe tutorial to creating this culinary feat. Showcasing traditional French ingredients including fine meat, onions, cremini mushrooms, and carrots, this particular dish stays true to the original recipe. 

However, there is a secret ingredient in this one that you mustn’t overlook. While the moreish flavour is only accentuated by the red wine, there’s an extra dash of something this particular beef bourguignon. The guide calls for the inclusion of Cognac brandy, which is certain to add new levels to the already-tempting stew. 

 6. Beef Bourguignon Recipe by Dinner, then Dessert 

Taking more than three hours to cook, the Dinner, then Dessert beef bourguignon recipe is by no means a quick weekday meal. However, should you have the time to spare, the end result will be worth your hard labour. The guide uses a pressure cooker (or instant pot), giving the dish a slow-cooked and remarkably entices effect. 

Aside from offering the basic recipe guide, this post includes some extra tips that will enable you to take your dish to the next level. The author offers insightful advice when it comes to selecting the correct cut of meat for the recipe, which is useful. Plus, there’s also a wealth of information about choosing the best wine for the base of the stew too. 

7. Beef Bourguignon Recipe by Girl Gone Gourmet 

With a deliciously silky sauce and juicy beef, the Girl Gone Gourmet beef bourguignon recipe is well worth your time. Gaining deeply satisfying flavours from the inclusion of sweet pearl onions and earthy mushrooms, the dish is an autumnal go-to for all. The author also takes inspiration from the Julia Child recipe but has customised it perfectly. 

The recipe guide is simple to follow and includes extra advice for those wishing to hone their skill set. From how to cook beef cuts in the bacon fat to determining how to use herbs and spices within this recipe, there’s a variety of interesting tips along the way. 

8. Beef Bourguignon Recipe by That Other Cooking Blog

Updating the traditional recipe with modern techniques, That Other Cooking Blog’s take on a beef bourguignon is certainly refreshing. The author recommends using a pressure cooker to ensure that the richness of flavour runs fluidly throughout the entire dish. As a bonus, the guide is written in an ultra-approachable style that will keep you captivated. 

This beef bourguignon recipe features classic ingredients such as mushrooms, onions, garlic, stock, bacon and red wine. While there’s the suggestion that both rosemary and thyme will work well in this recipe, the author leaves the herb selection up to you. With that in mind, you may wish to experiment with an array of French-style ingredients before settling on your signature recipe. The choice is yours. 

Get Cooking! 

With any luck, these beef bourguignon recipes will have given you the inspiration you need to don your chef’s hat and hit the kitchen. Take note of the guides and don’t be afraid to put your own unique twist on any of the recipes here. Now go ahead and get cooking!

Feature image: That Other Cooking Blog

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