Simple, scalable, future-proof learning technology

We engineer technology capable of connecting people, unlocking opportunities and removing limits – tech you can count on to carry the weight of your student’s potential.


“Workshop have built a user-friendly learning app that utilises the latest scientific research on how we learn”

– The Scotsman

Hands-on & outcome-focused

Led by research papers from the world’s leading education psychologists, our technology is capable of delivering transformational learning experiences. Each step-by-step session is designed to be hands-on and outcome-focused, encouraging students to reflect and retain their learning.

Collaborative & personalised learning

Personal, balanced classes give students the freedom to share confidently and communicate openly with their peers and class mentor. Students join discussions, share projects and continue the conversation as alumni, maximising learner success.

High-definition streaming – anywhere, anytime

Workshop was built to support global content delivery, showcasing your learning materials in the highest quality available. Our intuitive gestures enable learners to navigate through content quickly and easily, as well as offline viewing for low coverage areas when learning on the go.


Student satisfaction rating
from 6,000 ratings


Avg. completion rate
industry avg. 6-13% / Workshop 70% 

Extensible & scalable learning products

We work closely with partners to evolve and extend our offering. We listen, learn and iterate from the feedback of people using it every day. We’ve developed three learning products to suit your needs.


Build trust with your audience, breaking down the process of learning an individual skill into simple, focused modules, which can be completed around busy schedules.


Deliver complete curriculums covering the full array of skills needed to succeed. Courses support industry-accreditation, university certifications, executive education or short courses.


Engage and retain learners with thriving global communities, offering exclusive access to fresh, high quality content, mentorship from inspiring teachers and the ability to connect with likeminded learners around the world.

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