Love teaching.

Teaching online should be simple. Why spend time editing and uploading videos when you could be focusing on what you do best – teaching.

Workshop Teach is now available on iOS and is coming soon on Android.

Want to teach online? We can help with that…

Whether you’re a seasoned teacher or just want to share your skills, Workshop Teach takes the stress out of creating online courses to help you build exceptional learning experiences.

Teach naturally

Transferring your skills and knowledge to students should be a frictionless experience.

With its uniquely personal, experiential style of learning, Workshop Teach helps you teach people just as you would in person.

Create a lifelong asset

Teach once, earn forever.

Unlock a new revenue stream and earn an ongoing income through the Workshop marketplace

A growing market

Mobile based learning is growing rapidly. Workshop is at the forefront of this growth, gaining over 10k users in less than a year.

Use Workshop Teach to stake your claim in the mobile market and share your unique expertise amongst a movement of learners and educators that truly care about top quality education.

Step 1 – Plan

Define your learning objectives and break down each of your modules into steps.

Step 2 – Film

Film with your smartphone, step-by-step, and edit your videos together as you go.

Step 3 – Submit

Write up your course notes and submit everything for quality review from the Workshop team.

Step 4 – Publish

Publish on the Workshop platform and market your workshops to start earning!

What can I teach on Workshop?

Here are some of the most requested topics from our users, but if yours is a bit different, don’t fret! We’re open to all kinds of practical skills!







Interior Design

Handmade Crafts









Performing Arts


Hair & Beauty



Health & Fitness

“ With our London kitchens packed to the brim, we’ve always been on the lookout for ways to share the expertise of our teachers beyond our four walls. Our primary consideration when looking at how to achieve this was on ensuring an exceptional quality of teaching.

This is why we decided to team up with Workshop – a London-based start up dedicated to creating better ways of learning online – to create the digital equivalent of our Essential Cooking Certificate.

The Workshop team are committed to using research-backed methodologies in their approach to improving the way our students learn with technology. 

Camilla Schneideman

Managing Director, Leiths School of Food and Wine


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With you every step of the way

Planning Support

We’re here to help you plan and structure your workshops to make them the best that they can be for your learners.

Filming Setup

All you really need to make a workshop is a smartphone, a microphone and good lighting. We’ll make sure you’re all ready to film before you start.

Review & Feedback

Once you submit your content, we’ll give it a thorough review and provide in-depth feedback to help you meet Workshop’s quality requirements.

Start teaching today

If you want to create personal, engaging experiences for learners around the world, Workshop Teach is the perfect tool for you.

Available now on iOS and coming soon on Android.

Let’s start the conversation

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