What It Takes To Be A Mentor

Sep 29, 2017

Workshop would not be possible without its incredible network of masterful mentors. At the top of their game, workshop mentors are truly passionate about sharing their expertise and getting more people learning.

We’re always on the lookout for new mentors and our aim is to be the go-to place to learn new skills. As Workshop continues to grow, we do our best to make sure that we are teaching the skills which people want the most.

If you are interested in becoming a workshop mentor, here is what it takes…


It goes without saying that you need to know your subject area inside and out. You may have trained professionally to master your skills or you may have learned through years of experience and trial and error. However you became an expert, you’ll be confident answering all sorts of questions about your subject area and have the ability and desire to share your knowledge with others around the globe.


Naturally, you will be passionate about your area of expertise. Your passion will be irresistible and instantly inspire others to learn from you as their trusted mentor. Your passion will come through in everything you do, from your explanations, your demos and the way you talk one-on-one with your learners through video.

Desire to Share

Not only will you be an expert and passionate about what you do, you’ll be driven to share your skills with as many people as possible! You might be doing this already through your books, shop or on social media. Or you might just be starting out. Either way, you’ll be excited about finding new ways to spread your knowledge and help people learn new skills.

Happy on Camera

There are two main shot types that go into creating a workshop. Firstly, ‘action mode’, where you accurately demo and explain the practical side of what you are doing and secondly, ‘selfie mode’ which is your chance to explain the ‘why’, offer extra advice about what to look out for and how learners can overcome common mistakes. Imagine you are video calling a friend from your phone and that gives an idea of how selfie mode feels. You’ll be comfortable and relaxed speaking to the camera whilst sharing your knowledge!

Planning and Preparation

You’ll appreciate that to create an amazing workshop, there is some investment in time required to work with us for preparation and planning. This includes a planning session, where you will work with us to map the modules and identify key learning opportunities in each one.

Then, ahead of the shoot day, you might need to prep some items to help the shoot go smoothly. At certain stages ‘here’s one’ I made earlier can keep things moving nicely!

Post filming, we’ll need a little more time from you to answer Q&A’s so we can prepare articles and content about you on the Workshop website and app. There may also be a need for some supporting written content to go with your videos, such as equipment lists and extra notes on each module. All of this is required to ensure your workshop is amazing and to help us promote it.


Once your workshop launches and people sign up, there are sure to be people uploading their creations to social media using our hashtags, tagging you in, and maybe asking questions. This is where encouragement and support are really important from their mentor. We expect you to embrace these new learners, engage with them on social media and continue to inspire them to practice, share their successes and keep learning!

Think it is for you? We can’t wait to hear your workshop idea! Get in touch