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Leiths School of Food and Wine is an industry-leading cookery school offering professional chef diplomas, enthusiast courses and online cooking courses. Leiths has been equipping aspiring cooks with the skills to excel in the food world since 1975.

With a philosophy grounded in teaching the individual with a close and collaborative community, we have ensured that our online courses deliver our expert tuition and reflect our core values.

Essential Cooking

24-Week Professional Certificate

This professional course is designed for aspiring cooks looking to develop and refine their culinary skills and learn the essential foundations of cooking. Unlock a career in the food industry, or simply gain an extensive repertoire of skills and recipes to equip you for a lifetime of confident cooking at home. 

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Chef Skills

24-Week Professional Certificate

Take your culinary skills to the next level with this professional course. The progressive techniques you’ll learn will enhance, refine and elevate your cooking and propel you towards a career in food, or to becoming a masterful home cook for life. This is the natural progression from our Essential Cooking Certificate, and also ideal for experienced home cooks, chefs and food professionals who are looking to up-skill.

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Nutrition In Culinary Practice

20-Week Accredited Certificate

This accredited course will empower you with deep expertise in nutritional theory and arm you with the culinary skills and techniques you need for a lifetime of nutritious, flavoursome and balanced cooking. If you’re looking to launch a bespoke catering service or healthy food business, work as a private chef, or prepare nutritious, delicious meals for your family and friends at home, this is the course for you.

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Cookery Toolbox for Teenagers

Exclusively for students aged 13-18

Leiths’ Teen Cookery Toolbox is designed exclusively for food-loving teenagers looking for a fun, interactive, after-school activity that gives them the chance to learn new skills, master cookery techniques, and impress their families with delicious meals. Students don’t need to have any prior cooking experience, if they’re eager to learn and enthusiastic about food, this is the course for them.

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