Learn How To Make Sushi
Yuki Gomi

Learn to Roll Simple Sushi

Learn all things sushi from Japanese chef, Yuki Gomi. The workshop starts with learning how to make the perfect sushi rice the basis of everything that follows. You’ll then use sushi rice to create a range of classic sushi rolls. Starting with the hand roll, moving on to hoso maki or small roll and then ura maki or inside out roll. With each module, you’ll learn the skills and techniques to make fantastic fillings and how to create these intricate rolls.

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Workshop details

Mentor Yuki Gomi
Category Cooking
Skills Sushi
Website yukiskitchen.com
Modules 4

Module 1

Sushi Rice

Sushi rice is the basis for all the future modules in this sushi workshop. You’ll learn how to wash, prepare and cook perfect sushi rice. To complete the module you will also learn how to create the all important sushi vinegar.

Module 2

Hand Rolling

Sushi hand rolls are perfect for social occasions to get your friends involved in the sushi rolling!. Skills include how to handle nori sheets, how to make two traditional roll fillings, how to prepare sushi grade tuna and how to roll accurately to create these impressive rolls.

Module 3

Hosomaki – Thin Roll

Next, you’ll apply your knowledge of sushi rice and handling of nori sheets to create two new creations. Two new fillings will form the centre of hosomaki (small rolls). To create these you will practice and perfect sushi rolling, this time using a sushi mat.

Module 4

Uramaki – California Roll

In the final module, you will take your rolling skills to the next level to create stunning inside out rolls or ura maki. This time you will learn how to prepare sushi grade salmon, carrot and avocado as well as applying a new sushi rolling technique.

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