Learn How To Make Macarons
Edd Kimber

Master Macarons

Get Edd’s workshop to learn how to make macarons. Passing on his passion and years of experience, you’ll start by learning how to make a perfect meringue. You will then prepare to bake delicious macaron shells, make fillings and apply decorations. By the end of the workshop, you’ll be armed with all the skills you need to get creative and create your own flavours, fillings, colours and decorations.
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Workshop details

Mentor Edd Kimber
Category Cooking
Skills Macarons
Website theboywhobakes.com
Modules 5

Module 1


Learn how to make an Italian meringue and use it for a simple and delicious dessert. You’ll learn the tricks of making the sugar syrup and how to achieve glossy stiff peaks. Also find out why Edd uses Italian meringue, rather than French, to create perfect macarons.
Module 2

Macaron Shells

With the Italian meringue nailed, next,  you’ll make your first batch of macaron shells. You’ll learn how to create the magically smooth and moist macaron mixture, the best ways to colour your mixture and how to pipe confidently and accurately.
Module 3


Module 3 is all about flavour. Pick up the skill of making a smooth flavourful french buttercream and how to pipe the buttercream to create your enviable batch of macarons.
Module 4

Flavours and Colours

In module 4 your macarons get even more stunning. You’ll take the macarons recipe learned so far and get creative with delicious flavours, different coloured shells and masterful decorations.


Get Personal

At the end of the workshop, Edd challenges you to apply everything you have learned to make your macarons personal to you. You’ll experiment with your macarons by trying different sizes and fillings. Your creations can be posted to #workshopchallenge

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