How To Bake Bread
James Currie of SORTEDfood

Basic Bread Baking

Learn to bake bread with SORTEDfood development chef James Currie. In this bread baking workshop, you will start with a simple and quick flatbread – not even an oven or yeast required! Then you’ll enter the world delicious freshly baked loaves. You’ll start with James teaching you how to make a basic white loaf then you will start experimenting with flavours to create wholemeal bread.  Once these skills are mastered you will learn the art of sticky focaccia and sweet brioche. With these new skills and experiences under your belt, you will be ready to get creative and experiment with new flavours and textures.


Workshop details

Mentor James Currie
Category Cooking
Skills Bread Baking
Modules 5

Want to learn how to bake bread?

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