Create your own online workshops

Make digital workshops, create a new revenue stream and share your expertise with people all over the world.

Why choose Workshop?

Use a truly effective platform for teaching people new skills

Unlike video lecture-based online courses, Workshop encourages students to learn through their direct experience and is designed with the latest neuroscience and educational psychology research in mind.

When you create your workshop, you’ll be able to teach just like you would in person, and be a part of a platform built to provide the best learning experiences possible.

Pave the way for teaching something new on Workshop

Workshop is ready to expand out its categories from cooking, and welcomes teachers to create workshops for all kinds of hands-on skills.

By teaching on Workshop, you can be the first to share your expertise in a new category or subject on a platform uniquely suitable for teaching hands-on skills.

Market to a global audience of tens of thousands of people

Workshop has a growing community of passionate people from all over the world.

With over ten thousand users in just the first year from launch, you can market your unique expertise on a flourishing platform that puts high quality education first.

A lifelong asset to continually monetise your expertise

Once your workshop is published, you’ll receive ongoing revenues of 50% of your workshop’s net income.

We’ll do our best to promote you and your workshop during your workshop’s launch.


people signed up to Workshop


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of buyers are repeat customers


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How does it work?


Decide upon the learning outcomes, objectives and what steps your students will take toward learning their new skill.


Film your workshop using a DSLR camera or smartphone and take some shots of the finished result of each stage.


Upload your workshop for review, and we’ll get back to you with any feedback before we publish it!

How do I create my own workshop?

When you become a teacher on Workshop, you’ll receive the Workshop Maker’s Guide, which goes into detail on how to plan, film and upload your workshop for review.

You can also access the Workshop Maker’s Kit, which contains accessories to help you film your workshop using just your smartphone.

Experience the Workshop format for free

To get a feel for what a workshop is like from a learner’s perspective, you can try out a free session on the Workshop app.

A workshop is comprised of 3-5 sessions that gradually build up your skill level toward learning a whole new skill.

What can I teach?

Because Workshop is about learning through direct experience, you can teach just about anything that includes a hands-on or practical approach to learning.

If you create, make, produce or craft and are interested in teaching on a platform that puts people’s learning expeirences first, contact us to apply to become a teacher on Workshop.

Here are some example categories your subject could fall under:

  • Fine art
  • Design
  • Crafts
  • Cooking
  • Film
  • Illustration
  • Photography
  • Architecture
  • Animation
  • Music
  • Make-up and beauty
Have a skill you’d love to share with the world? Get in touch to become a teacher on Workshop.