Learn How To Make Meringue
The Meringue Girls

Master the Art of Meringue

The Meringue Girls will help you make meringue like a master. You’ll begin by learning the art of a basic meringue mixture. Quickly you’ll progress to develop the skills of flavouring and piping meringue kisses to perfection. You’ll then learn how to make a variety of shapes and how to add beautiful colours. And that’s just the beginning. Afterwards, you’ll be prepared to apply your new skills, get creative and make your meringues personal.

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Workshop details

Mentor The Meringue Girls
Category Cooking
Skills Meringue
Website themeringuegirls.co.uk
Modules 3

Module 1

Perfect Meringue Mix

In the first module, you will learn how to make the perfect meringue mixture. You will perfect your timings so that you create glossy and shiny stiff peaks every time.


Module 2

Piping Meringue Kisses

Next, you will learn the art of adding flavours to the mixture as well as how and when to add complementary flavour toppings.  Piping will become a breeze when the Meringue Girls pass on their tips and tricks of piping to create gorgeous meringue kisses.

Module 3

Shapes and Colours

The third and final module is about expression! You will learn how to make the Meringue Girls’ famous multi-coloured unicorn poo meringue as well as a range of other shapes and flavours perfect to gift or simply enjoy!


Get Creative

Lastly, accept the Meringue Girls’ challenge to make your meringue personal and get creative with colours, shapes and flavours. Upload your creations to #workshopchallenge

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