Learn How To Make Indian Curries
Hari Ghotra

Indian Restaurant Favourites

In Hari’s workshop, you will learn how simple it is to make Indian restaurant favourites at home. Starting with the principles of layering of spices and how to make your own marinade you will create a classic chicken tikka. Hari will also share her secret to achieving perfect fluffy rice every time. In module two you will learn how to make a tomato masala and use in a quick-fry dish – the Jalfrezi. In the final module, you’ll unlock the secret of making curry paste to create a vindaloo. To wrap the workshop, Hari challenges you to create the most decadent of the curries, a chicken korma.

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Workshop details

Mentor Hari Ghotra
Category Cooking
Skills Indian
Website harighotra.co.uk
Modules 3

Module 1

Chicken Tikka Masala

Hari starts by sharing the skills of creating your own marinade including making hung yoghurt. In this first module, you will also be introduced to the principles of layering spices which you’ll refer back to time and time again.  By the end of the module, you’ll have created your own marinade, masala, perfect fluffy rice to make a mouthwatering chicken tikka masala.

Module 2

Lamb Jalfrezi

In the next module, you’ll make another classic Indian curry from scratch, this time Jalfrezi. You’ll learn the skills to make this quick-fry dish and use a new masala, this time tomato based. You’ll reinforce the skills of spice layering that are fundamental to Indian cookery.

Module 3

Pork Vindaloo

In the last module, it is time to step up your skills and make a pork vindaloo. Hari explains that a vindaloo does not always have to be hot as many people think and shows you how to make the most of this incredibly flavoursome dish. You will learn the skill of making your own spice paste to create this traditional dish.


Chicken Korma

Applying all you have learned in the previous modules you’ll be ready to go it alone and create a new curry. You’ll make a yoghurt based marinade and incorporate ingredients such as almonds, saffron and coconut for decadence.

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