Learn How To Make Indian Breads
Maunika Gowardhan

Master Indian Breads

Breads are the most important accompaniment to any Indian meal, but cooking Indian breads can be daunting – they aren’t something most would attempt at home…

This workshop shows you just how simple it can be to make a range of the most delicious Indian breads in your own kitchen. After completing these modules, you’ll be a true master of the chapati, naan, puri and paratha!

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Workshop details

Mentor Maunika Gowardhan
Category Cooking
Skills Indian Cooking
Website maunikagowardhan.co.uk
Modules 4

Module 1


Learn the key to making the perfect Indian bread dough. You’ll learn how to handle the dough, how to roll it and cook on the hob, and how to finish on an open flame to create a delicious charred, authentic flavour!

Module 2

Naan Bread

Next, one of the nation’s favourite and most popular Indian breads – Naan. You’ll learn how to create and work with this sticky dough until it is perfect for cooking and how to cook it to the point of being light, fluffy and ready to serve.

Module 3


Puri is the super light bread that melts in your mouth. After you have learnt how to create the dough and roll it ready for cooking, Maunika will teach you how to fry them and cook to perfection.

Module 4

Aloo Paratha

In the final module, you’ll learn how to make a stuffed bread – in this case, an Aloo Paratha. You’ll prepare the filling and learn how to create the perfect balance of spices, how to create the dough and to incorporate the filling so that it is completely encapsulated ready for cooking.


Besan ka Cheela

Your challenge at the end of this workshop will be to combine everything you’ve learnt about Indian breads in creating the ultimate Rajasthani Besan ka Cheela!

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