Learn How To Make Dumplings
School of Wok

Master Chinese Dumplings

Become a master of creating intricate and impressive Chinese dumplings by learning and practicing a set of key rolling and folding techniques in this workshop.

You’ll start by learning how to make a perfect dumpling dough and how to practice the unique rolling techniques required to create beautiful dumplings. You’ll then move on to learning the knife skills you’ll need to create a range of super fine veggie and meaty fillings, perfect for delicate dumplings, before mastering some simple to advanced folding techniques.

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Workshop details

Mentor Jeremy Pang from School of Wok
Category Cooking
Skills Dumplings
Website schoolofwok.co.uk
Modules 4

Module 1

Dumpling Pastry

In the first module, you’ll start by making the dough and learning how to roll it into perfect circles using your rolling pin and spinning the dough between your fingers at the same time! After this practice, you’ll turn your pastry into a deliciously naughty spring onion pancake.

Module 2

Dumpling Filling

Now you’ve mastered how to make the pastry and roll it accurately, you’ll start to learn about the fillings. Jeremy will teach you how to prepare a base pak choi and kale filling and then create two variations – duck and pork. You’ll improve your knife skills to prepare finely chopped fillings, perfect to fill your dumplings in the next module. But for now, if you want to get eating, Jeremy will teach you how to stir-fry the professional way, sharing all the techniques he uses in the kitchen.

Module 3

Simple Dumpling Folds

With the skill of making dumpling pastry and creating finely chopped fillings, you’ll now be ready to create your first dumplings.  In Module 3, you’ll create two introductory folds that Jeremy terms the ‘Fat Cat’ fold and the ‘Smiling Nun’ fold.

Module 4

Advanced Dumpling Folds

In the last module, you’ll take your dumpling folds to the next level. Jeremy will introduce you to the ‘Mickey Mouse’ fold and traditional pleating teachniques. Also, instead of boiling, this time you’ll learn how to pan-fry and steam your dumplings.


Xiao Long Bao - Chinese Soup Dumplings

Lastly, Jeremy introduces you to the most advanced fold and challenges to make your own Xiu Long Bao dumplings. Good luck!

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