Learn How To Make Chocolate
Jennifer Earle

Beginners Guide to Chocolate

In this delicious workshop, Jennifer Earle will lead you through her beginners guide to chocolate making at home. You’ll start by learning the all-important knack of tempering chocolate using the seeding method. After some practice, you’ll progress and apply this skill to make chocolate eggs, a range of truffles, stunning glossy salted caramels and peanut butter cups.

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Workshop details

Mentor Jennifer Earle
Category Cooking
Skills Chocolate
Website jenniferearle.com
Modules 4

Module 1

Tempering Chocolate

In module one, you will learn how to temper chocolate using the seeding method. This is a key skill to master as it prepares you for the following modules in this beginners chocolate workshop.

Module 2

Using Chocolate Moulds

In module two, you will temper chocolate again, this time working with milk chocolate to create a chocolate egg. You’ll learn the skill of using chocolate moulds and also how to create a selection of caramelised nuts to hide inside your finished, glossy smooth, chocolate egg. 

Module 3


Next, you’ll turn your hand to truffle making. In this module you’ll learn how to make a chocolate ganache, then you’ll reinforce your chocolate tempering chocolate skills to coat your truffles. When it comes to decoration, you’ll experiment with a range of decorations and flavours to add the finishing touches to your creations.

Module 4

Filled Chocolates

In the final module, you’ll apply many of the skills already learned to make sensational salted caramel chocolates. You’ll start by tempering and filling bite bite-size chocolate moulds. While they are setting, you’ll turn your hand to making a delicious salted caramel filling. In the final stage, it is time to temper again and accurately use your scraper to seal your stunning, glossy, salted caramels.


Peanut Butter Cups

Lastly, Jennifer challenges you to make impressive peanut butter cups. You’ll have learned all the skills you need to smash this show-stopper chocolate challenge! Remember to share your creations #workshopchallenge

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