Learn How To Cook Fish
Luke Thomas

Learn to Cook Fresh Fish

Get Luke’s workshop to learn how to cook fish with confidence. Passing on his passion and years of experience, you’ll start by learning the skill of pan frying to perfection. You will then learn filleting techniques, how to bake fish so that it infuses with incredible flavours, how to prepare and cook shellfish and how to create a stunning ceviche. By the end of the workshop, you’ll be armed with all the skills you need to get creative and experiment with cooking different fish and using new flavours.

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Workshop details

Mentor Luke Thomas
Category Cooking
Skills FIsh
Website lukethomas.co.uk
Modules 4

Module 1

Pan Frying

In the first module, Luke teaches you how to choose your fish and what to look for when buying. You’ll learn the skill of pan-frying confidently and how to season effectively. The result? Mouthwatering sea bass fillets with a gorgeous fennel salad.

Module 2

Filleting and Baking Fish

Next, you’ll learn the skill of filleting and a new cooking technique – this time you’ll be baking in the bag. You’ll learn how to create a pocket of beautiful flavours that will infuse for an impressive dinner party dish.  

Module 3

Cooking Shellfish

Shellfish are up next. Luke shares his knowledge and expertise so you can confidently select and prepare mussels, clams scallops at home. Along with the skill of cooking shellfish, you’ll combine new flavours – this time to create an Indian inspired dish.

Module 4


In the last module, you tackle ceviche where you’ll learn how to choose and prepare the right quality tuna. Luke will share his ideas to create incredible flavour combinations to create this restaurant quality dish.


Lemon Sole

Lastly, Luke challenges you to cook with a Lemon Sole. You’ll use the skills you have learned to choose a good quality, fresh Lemon Sole and then get adventurous with flavours to create an incredible showstopper dish.

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