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We help higher education change lives through world-class online education. We blend disruptive technology with science-backed pedagogy to unlock true potential.


“Workshop have built a user-friendly learning app that utilises the latest scientific research on how we learn”

– The Scotsman

Learning outcomes with real impact

Workshop was engineered to maximise learner success. Our pedagogical focus of step-by-step, enquiry-based methods, collaborative classes and close mentor support deliver the best learning outcomes available.

Human-first digital transformation

We’re the trusted technology partner to the visionaries guiding transformation within their organisation. We collaboratively plan, produce and deliver powerful digital learning experiences faster, cheaper and more personalised than ever before.


Student satisfaction rating from 6,000 ratings


Avg. completion rate industry avg. 6-13% / Workshop 70% 

Honest, simple, future-proof tech

We build technology that makes it feel easy, enabling partners to evolve long-term visions, rapidly accelerate growth and develop innovative global offerings.

Streamline planning, production & delivery

We’ve poured hundreds of hours into developing our process. We offer industry-leading production costs, scalable launch strategies and ongoing marketing support. We listen carefully, shape your vision, and manage the heavy lifting.



From short courses to executive education, we transform ideas into digital experiences.


Production costs starting at £750 per session, extending your budget for global reach.


Long-term collaboration through digital campaigns and growth strategies.

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