SPOTLIGHT! Hari Ghotra on Indian Restaurant Favourites

Oct 13, 2017

Workshop mentor, Hari Ghotra, has worked at The Tamarind Collection of Restaurants which includes Tamarind of Mayfair, one of the first Indian restaurants (ever) to be awarded a Michelin star. Following her passion to share her knowledge and experience of authentic Indian food more widely, today she reaches audiences across the globe with her recipes via her website and app.

Hari explains that she first became interested in cooking at home – where she was inspired by her mum who always delighted in having guests and mouths to feed! Hari saw the happiness her mum was able to bring to others through cooking and wanted to do the same. She told us, “Never count how much someone eats, just always have enough and do it with an open heart.”

This sentiment is expressed throughout her Indian Restaurant Favourites workshop where she shares her years of experience and skills that enable learners to master authentic Indian cookery at home. One of her top tips is to perfect your onions before anything else: “When making Indian curries, it’s all about the onions! Put the time in at the start of the cooking process and the rest will fall into place”.

Hari is excited to share her love for cooking through Workshop. In terms of what she’d like to see on the platform in future, Hari wants to learn how to garnish dishes to add that extra special ‘something something’ to take them to another level.