SPOTLIGHT! Chetna on Indian Samosas

Oct 27, 2017

Chetna Makan, once a fashion designer in Mumbai, is now a passionate cook, author and was a contestant on The Great British Bake Off.

Food and cooking have always been a big part of Chetna’s life. Her inspiration for cooking came from her mum who, she says “taught me everything I know about flavours”. After leaving home Chetna was quick to start cooking for herself and others. Chetna admits that when she moved to the UK she found herself often “going back to my Mums recipes to try and make all those dishes I loved and missed from home”. Now a mother of two, her interest in baking has only grown. Where once her creativity fuelled her fashion design, today it fuels her meticulous creations in the kitchen!

Chetna’s workshop is the perfect introduction to Indian street food. Her samosa workshop starts by teaching you how to make perfect, traditional Indian pastry, leading up to making delicious samosas. Along the way you’re also taught how to make your own paneer, exploring savoury fillings as well as sweet. You’ll follow Chenta every step of the way, and learn from her years of experience.

The best advice Chetna has for anyone considering her samosa workshop is “Not to take shortcuts and make sure you follow the recipe properly.” Wise words, and we couldn’t agree more. Workshop has been designed to make the learning process seamless with every step of the recipe broken down into manageable chunks.

When it comes to her favourite thing about Workshop, Chetna told us it was all about “…the simplicity of it all and how it enables people to learn at their own pace in the comfort of their own kitchen.” When tackling any new skill, Chetna advises learners to “always master the basics first, once that is done you can successfully experiment with it.” This comes through in Chetna’s workshop where she first teaches you how to make the perfect pastry dough to create papdi. You’ll need to master these delicious snacks before progressing to make your first samosa!

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