Reflect on Your Learning Journey: Announcing Journal Entries


Our aim at Workshop has always been to create the best possible way for you to learn new skills. One of the most important parts of the learning process is the reinforcement of what you’ve already been taught through some form of testing or recall, either immediately, or at a later date.

This is an area of Workshop which we’re working hard to improve. With this, we think it’s just as important to document and test what you’ve learnt, as it is learning it in the first place! The first step we’ve taken on this journey is to introduce journal entries to the app.

From June onwards, every time you complete a lesson, you’ll be asked to take a photo of your creation which will appear as part of a journal entry. A journal entry serves as a reminder of what you created in a certain lesson, on a particular day, and along with the photo you’ll be asked to add any notes or tips for yourself next time round.

What’s the purpose of a journal entry?

When learning something new, it’s often easy to forget how far you’ve come. As you improve, your view of what you’ve learnt becomes anchored against your current level of skill, meaning that it can sometimes feel like you’ve made little progress over time.

All that it takes to help you realise just how much you may have learnt is a little reminder – particularly a visual one – which helps to remind you how far you may have come, and how much you may have improved since completing a particular lesson.

How does it work?

We’ve made a few changes to the app to make the process of creating a journal entry easy:

  • After you complete a lesson, tapping on the ‘Upload Photo’ button will bring up a camera, giving you the chance to take a picture of your masterpiece.
  • Simply take a photo, or add a photo from your camera roll.
  • Add any notes about how you think you did (self-reflection is a powerful learning tool), or any tips on how to improve next time.
  • Add it to your journal by pressing ‘Upload’ in the top right corner.

What happens after I’ve added a journal entry?

Taking a photo and a few comments at the end of a lesson isn’t all we’ve got planned for your journal. Over the next few months we’ll be working hard on rebuilding the journal in the app to give it more relevance to helping you learn.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to look back at everything you’ve ever created in one place – your visual journal. Every time you finish a module, you will have created or achieved something.

It’s at this point that you’re asked to take a photo as a visual reminder to what you just achieved! All these photos are brought together in your journal which simply serves as this visual reminder which you can look back on and feel good about yourself.

In the meantime, all your journal entries will be visible on the journal page. Just scroll through to see them in action.

Share your feedback

If you’re a happy snapper and love the addition of journal entries then reach out to us on Twitter (@workshop_app) and let us know!

If you’d like to be involved with helping us create new features for Workshop then get in touch ([email protected]) for a chance to help shape the future of learning new skills!

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