SPOTLIGHT! Edd Kimber On Mastering Macarons

Sep 25, 2017

Edd Kimber is a self-taught British baker who kickstarted his professional baking career by winning the very first Great British Bake Off in 2010.

Though he has a multitude of talent across the baking spectrum, demonstrated in his three cookbooks, multiple media recipe columns, regular TV appearances and pop-ups in notable retail stores such as Fortnum & Masons, he joins us on Workshop to share his passion and expertise on the French Macaron!

Edd credits his inspiration to his childhood (having been encouraged by his Mum and Nanna before he can even remember) and his global travelling experiences. His passion for Macarons started on a trip to Paris during University which triggered a two-year journey of striving to perfect the craft whilst innovating with new flavours and styles to strike his unique stamp on every batch.

His learning style is cheeky, fun and relaxed, encouraging all who learn from him to constantly remain inquisitive and to practice as much as possible. He’s a big advocate of learning through failure and not dwelling on those early mistakes as “part of the process is screwing up after all!”

Edd is particularly excited to launch his workshop with us because he too has been looking for ways to make baking and his specialist knowledge more accessible. From experience, he tells us, “macaron classes can cost close to £100! So to be able to replicate a similar visual experience for so many people, through the power of tech, is excellent.” He’s also expressed his own interest to use Workshop to learn some new skills outside of baking such as BBQ or photography. Change in career Edd?

So if you’re considering the Mastering Macarons workshop, Edd has some tips:

“Firstly, pay close attention to the look of your finished batter as this is the key indicator of whether you’ll achieve the perfect macarons or not. Also… if you make a perfect batch on the first attempt, don’t assume you’ve mastered them! Make a few more batches – they’re famously tricky and need to be made regularly to really acquire the proper skills.”

What are you waiting for? Time to get started!