Cooking with SORTEDfood

Nov 6, 2017

Where better to start with hands-on learning than by helping people improve their cooking skills?

SORTEDfood are the founding partner of the cooking category on Workshop. Together, we could see that most cooking shows and videos are passively consumed, and that’s because they’re made to be entertaining. Because of this, they are incredibly difficult to follow along with if you actually want to cook! While many people choose to watch cooking videos for entertainment, those of us who want to improve our cooking skills, struggle to actually do so. The way that cooking ‘lessons’ are being delivered online, frustratingly, focuses on the food first, and the learner last.


We’re passionate about making learning to cook more enjoyable and accessible to people, and Workshop is a fantastic way to achieve this. As founding partners of the cooking category, we’ve worked with expert cooking mentors to create exceptionally high-quality step-by-step workshops. Each workshop is carefully designed to support, guide and encourage learners through to becoming top chefs!

Barry Taylor, SORTEDfood


SORTEDfood have years of experience producing high-quality video content for YouTube, and they are also champions of teaching people how to cook. With SORTEDfood leading the production of cooking content on Workshop, we’ve together created a structure which supports you every step of the way on your journey to learning new cooking skills.

In addition to producing fantastic workshops with a wide range of expert cooking mentors, they’re also creating their own workshops to pass on the experience they’ve acquired over years of helping millions of people learn to cook through their videos. So far they’ve created James’ Bread Baking workshop and Ben’s Hosting Effortlessly workshop, with more to come from Barry, Jamie and Mike!

The Future
At Workshop, we’re not only about food! We’re here to improve the way that you learn ANY new skill! Although we’ve started with cooking, every design decision we’ve made has been with flexibility in mind. Soon, you’ll be able to learn anything with us, whether you’ve been waiting to discover your inner artist, or finally become the handyman of the house.
We’re currently pulling together a group of founding partners, outside of cooking, who are all up for the challenge of leading new content production. Remember, we’re here to make exceptional quality learning accessible to all!


Always learning,

– Josh, Dan & the team at Workshop

Check out the growing range of cooking workshops made with SORTEDfood right here.