Complete Guide to Cake Fillings, Frostings & Glazes – Recipes & Ideas

Complete Guide to Cake Fillings, Frostings & Glazes – Recipes & Ideas

From old cupcake staple American buttercream to modern Instagram-worthy mirror glaze, there are hundreds of ways to turn a cake into a masterpiece. This ultimate guide will get you familiar with all the different things you can frost, fill, ice and glaze cakes with – along with plenty of recipes to get you started too.

SPOTLIGHT: Getting to Know Annie Evans from Leiths School of Food and Wine

SPOTLIGHT: Getting to Know Annie Evans from Leiths School of Food and Wine

We recently had the opportunity to chat to Annie Evans, Leiths-trained chef and course tutor at the school in London. Annie is also the Mentor on the Mastering Sauces: Hollandaise workshop where she explores making Hollandaise from start to finish, guiding you through a range of techniques perfect for making some show-stopping dishes, including eggs benedict and steak with Béarnaise sauce.

Introducing Leiths on Workshop

For the first time in the world-renowned cookery school’s history, Leiths School of Food and Wine is bringing their culinary expertise to your own kitchen with Workshop – using the app, you’ll be able to learn directly from Leiths’ cookery teachers in the comfort of your own home through their upcoming range of self-paced, hands-on video workshops.

The Science of Learning

The Science of Learning Our Approach to Helping People Learn New Skills Learning new skills can be stressful. When your brain is given too much information in one go, it can quickly go into overload and cause a whole bunch of mental strain and anxiety. So how is it...

7 Ways To Achieve Your Goals In 2018

The festive period is over, and you’ve probably been left wondering what lies ahead in the year to come. Whether you’re looking for success, to reach specific goals or to pick up a new skill, here are our top tips for truly effective learning in 2018.

Last Minute DIY Christmas Foodie Gifts

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most thoughtful and creative Christmas gifts that you could make using skills available to you on Workshop. They won’t break the bank and you’ll get bonus brownie points for gifting something meaningful and crafted with your own fair hands!

SPOTLIGHT: Luke Thomas on Cooking Fish

Luke Thomas is an award-winning celebrity chef and author, who at 15 won Future Chef before becoming the UK’s Youngest Head Chef at just 18. He’s about to launch his flagship venue in London, is the founder of Retro Feasts in Dubai and is regularly seen on TV shows in the UK & USA.

SPOTLIGHT: Jennifer Earle on Making Chocolate

“Start now. Keep moving. If you don’t ask you’ll never know. What’s the worst that can happen?”
Jen told us these are the best pieces of advice she has ever been given. We think it is sound advice and is absolutely in line with our beliefs at Workshop. There is no point hanging around when you can be learning through doing, right?!  

SPOTLIGHT: Yuki Gomi on Making Sushi

Yuki grew up in Yamanashi close to the mountains surrounding Mount Fuji. Here she was immersed in fresh air, beautiful scenery and home-grown organic vegetables, which set the scene for every meal.

SPOTLIGHT: Ben Ebbrell on Hosting Effortlessly

Ben Ebbrell is chef at SORTEDfood - the most engaged cooking channel on YouTube and a global movement of over 2 million friends who share a passion for food, cooking and laughter. Ben’s skills span the cooking spectrum, which is shown through the hundreds of recipes...

Cooking with SORTEDfood

Where better to start with hands-on learning than helping people to improve their cooking skills?! SORTEDfood are the founding partner of the cooking category on Workshop.

SPOTLIGHT! Chetna on Indian Samosas

Chetna Makan, once a fashion designer in Mumbai, is now a passionate cook, author and was a contestant on The Great British Bake Off. Food and cooking have always been a big part of Chetna’s life. Her inspiration for cooking came from her mum who, she says “taught me...

SPOTLIGHT! Benjamina Ebuehi on Cake Decorating

You will most likely recognise self-declared perfectionist, Benjamina Ebuehi, and her incredible creations from The Great British Bake Off where she reached the quarter-finals. Benjamina has always been fascinated with baking and cake decorating. She explained that it...

SPOTLIGHT! Eric Lanlard on Mastering Pastry

Eric Lanlard, Master Pâtissier and twice winner of the prestigious Continental Pâtissier of the Year at the British Baking Awards, trained in France, and moved to London where aged 22 he became the head pastry chef for Albert and Michel Roux. Today, he owns Cake Boy,...