We want to create better ways of learning.


Workshop’s aim is to uncover the best methods for teaching and learning new skills using technology.

After experiencing the shortcomings of online learning platforms first-hand, Josh and Dan were baffled by the lack of innovation in learning. They became determined to create a better way of learning with technology and so, in partnership with the YouTube cooking channel Sorted, they assembled a small team and built Workshop.

Launched in 2017, Workshop started by giving a range of London-based bakers and cooks the ability to effectively pass on their culinary knowledge to people around the world. After illustrating the power of the platform with these initial mentors, our science-backed methodologies have been embraced by world-renowned cookery schools and, at this moment, are being applied to build better ways of learning all sorts of new skills from your phone.

We want to make it easier for people to learn new skills at home. And with thousands of users in more than 150 countries easily mastering everything from baking macarons to rolling sushi in their spare time, we‘ve already made huge progress in the world of cooking.

You can try Workshop for yourself and master a new cooking skill in your own time. If you do or don’t enjoy it, then please let us know (we love the praise and always learn from the criticism!). Stay tuned for loads more to come — new sessions, workshops and courses in more and more skills are coming very soon.

The Team


Josh Taylor

Co-founder & CEO

Dan Williams

Co-founder & CTO

Ray Taylor


Jay Rowley

Community Manager

Aaron Magnus


Irene Casaburi


Charlie Day